Back in Pennybridge!

Yeah, we’re back in Örebro! Great tour!

Still rockin, playing music, putting out music, artworking, working out, freaking out you know still bloggin at (in swedish, sorry all you people outside of Sweden).

Get ready for European festival summer!


(Now playing Masshysteri s/t LP)

Sydney rockers!

What an amazing show today! Ya’ll rule!

Brisbane, we’re stoked!

First show on Soundwave Festival tour done. Brisbane you were amazing (as usual).

Getting ready

Just some rehearsing for the Aussie madness!

Melancholy gangstas

Check out this old photo of the Örebro Beanie gangstas!

(for swedes) Kolla även in detta

Happy Holidays!

Mexico, Panama & Costa Rica THANKS!!!

Yeah, huge thanks to all of you nice people who came to our shows!
It’s been fantastic!
Check out photos at our Facebook.

Beautiful Panama

Yes we are still in Panama and we love it. It’s beautiful here.
We got a few hours still to the show and we’re really stoked to be playing here and I’m sure it will be a greeeaaaat show. Take a look at the photo, the venue is the tent way to the left in the picture.
Nikola played a solo show yesterday here in Panama as well, maybe some of you Panamian readers went there.
Anyways, get ready for tonights show, it’ll be great!


( np. Van Halen “Panama”)

Check out this crazy fella’ from yesterday in Monterrey!

Crazy duder!

This is Örebro right now…!

The Millencolin batteries are now fully charged and I’m so ready to trade this way-below-zero-celsius-climate to Central American weather and sweaty stages!
We are super exited to go to Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica!
Are you people ready though?
See you soon!


(np: Paintbox “Singing, shouting, crying” LP)