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For Monkeys – Limited Reissue Purple – Gold Vinyl

Other vinyl colors available at official stores here!

Pre-Order at Millenshop only! 12″ limited edition reissue on purple/gold vinyl. Limited to 200 records sold exclusively here at Millencolin.com.
Shipping and release date April 22:nd.

THIS COLOR IS SOLD OUT! But check this link for other colors at Kingsroad Merchandise Artist First and more official stores!

This year marks the 25th anniversary “For Monkeys” , so we’re excited to re-release the album on several great looking colors. Available on April 22 and now available for pre-order now! Millenstore exclusive vinyl color is the Purple Haze (solid gold & solid purple mix) version, limited to 200 pcs.

Side A:

  1. Puzzle
  2. Lozin’ Must
  3. Random I Am
  4. Boring Planet
  5. Monkey Boogie
  6. Twenty Two

Side B:

  1. Black Gold
  2. Trendy Winds
  3. Otis
  4. Light’s Out
  5. Entrance at Rudebrook
  6. Lowlife

Shipping and release date: April 22:nd.
(These vinyls are printed and ready. We still apologise for late delivery of the Same Old Tunes gold vinyls. Expected new delivery march 24.)
Note: If you order more items at the same time as this, your complete order will also ship April 22:nd.

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 1 cm


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