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The Melancholy Collection – Limited Reissue Gold Vinyl

Sold Out. 12″ limited edition reissue on gold vinyl. Limited to 200 records.

This compilation album was first released 1999 on Burning Heart Records / Epitaph Records. Consists of unreleased tracks, drawn from Millencolin’s first two EP’s, all the single B-sides and songs recorded only for compilations.

Side A:

  1. In a Room
  2. Pain
  3. Shake Me
  4. Melack
  5. Nosepicker
  6. Use Your Nose
  7. Flippin’ Beans
  8. Yellow Dog
  9. Knowledge
  10. A Whole Lot Less
  11. Coolidge

Side B:

  1. That’s Up to Me
  2. A Bit of Muslin
  3. Melancholy Protection
  4. Shake Me
  5. Niap
  6. Every Breath You Take
  7. 9 to 5
  8. Dragster
  9. An Elf and His Zippo
  10. Israelites
  11. Vixen

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1 review for The Melancholy Collection – Limited Reissue Gold Vinyl

  1. Nathan (verified owner)

    Came out packaged very carefully. I have never received a vinyl so well protected. By the way Gold Color is so beautiful!!

    • Fredrik Larzon

      Glad to hear! Best. Larzon

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