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Same Old Tunes – Limited Reissue – Banana Peel Vinyl

Millenshop only! 12″ limited edition reissue on banana peel vinyl. Limited to 180 records sold exclusively here at Millencolin.com.

Reissue of our first album from 1994.
Millenstore exclusive vinyl color is the Banana Peel (Mimosa), limited to 180 pcs.

Side A:

  1. Mr. Clean
  2. Chiquita Chaser
  3. Disnee Time
  4. Domestic Subway
  5. Fazil's Friend
  6. Leona

Side B:

  1. House Of Blend
  2. Da Strike
  3. Mystic Reptile
  4. Dance Craze
  5. The Einstein Crew
  6. Take It Or Leave It

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 1 cm


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