News 2023!

Nov 3, 2023 | 0 comments

News! We’re terrible at updating the news section here. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent news updates!

But in short what’s going on! We just finished an awesome European tour which just ended in our hometown Örebro (Pennybridge). This was the last show of the year. We’re currently booking shows for spring -24 and got a bunch of festivals for the summer to announce. Stay tuned!

We keep updating our Millenshop with new shirts and products! Got some cool stuff for you coming up.

Our Soundlab Studios was flooded during the heavy rain in July.. The place still looks like a construction site so nothing is really happening there in a close future.

Thanks to everybody who came out to our shows or bought stuff from our shop this year! See ya’ll soon!

Millencolin – Backstage Werk – Munich 17 October 2023 Photo: Sandra Steh