soundwave xv in australia

Apr 30, 2021 | 0 comments

We’re just about to leave for Australia and the Soundwave Festival tour!
Here are the dates:

21 Feb – Soundwave Festival, Melbourne, Australia
22 Feb – Soundwave Festival, Adelaide, Australia
23 Feb – Sidewave, The Hi-Fi, Melbourne, Australia
27 Feb – Sidewave, The Hi-Fi, Brisbane, Australia
28 Feb – Soundwave Festival, Brisbane, Australia
01 Mar – Soundwave Festival, Sydney, Australia

Just to clarify, since we got lots of questions why we don’t play club shows in Sydney or in Perth on this trip. We agreed to do the Soundwave Festival and two side shows, like all bands on the tour. We actually found out which cities and who we are playing the Sidewaves with the same day as you! But next time on our own club tour, we’ll definitely make sure we play both Perth (been way too long), Sydney and more cities we miss out on this time.

See you soon Australia!